Getting started…

Learning to drive a car is an important part of your life whether your job requires you to drive or the convenience of having your own car to drive really is something that a lot of us now depend on in our daily lives..

If you are a beginner or someone who has taken lessons in the past then Xpress Driving School can help you become a safer and smarter driver. We can help you to take on difficult road scenarios where a lot of the time could end up facing in your practical driving test so it is important to have some sort of experience prior to your driving test.

How many lessons do i need?

This is something between you and your driving instructor, our instructors will asses you on your driving ability and tell you how many lessons is required for you to be ready for your practical driving test, we also do some practice mock exams to ensure that you are ready for your test and ensure you have covered all the relevant driving scenarios that are possible to come up in your driving test.

Is automatic or manual right for me?

Majority of our students go for manual transmission driving lessons, only because they will have the option to drive manual and automatic cars. If you go for automatic transmission driving lessons then you are only allowed to drive automatic cars.

Im ready for my driving test

Ok so the time has come for you to take your practical driving test, this may be your first driving test or you have taken one before but whatever the case, our driving instructors will ensure that you are ready for the test by performing some real life practical mock test, this means they can see whether you are test standard with your driving ability and have the confidence to take your practical driving test.

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